Water Treatment


Reinventing washing machine

Xeros has developed a technology that can cut water used in a washing machine by up to 80 percent and reduce the consumption of detergent and energy.

Alto Solutions

Harnessing solar energy at a lower cost

Moroccan enterprise Alto Solutions, has developed a technology to improve access to clean water and renewable energy for larger companies in need of efficient and cost effective concentrators.


Hidrocreto heals the wounds of Mexico City.

Born when Mexico was sinking, Hidrocreto tackles the issue by producing ecological concrete that allows rainwater recovery through porous pavement.


Lyon is using water and vegetation systems to reduce urban overheating

In order to reduce the need for air conditioning, Lyon is promoting the creation of green roofs across the city able improve the natural insulation of buildings.

Russia Planning Against Troubled Waters

St. Petersburg’s Climate Adaptation Strategy

Russia ’s second largest city is due to be hit hard by the effects of climate change. The first Russian climate adaptation strategy is being drafted.

San Aqua HCA

A cost-effective solution for South Africa’s wasterwater treatment

In order to tackle the gradual deterioration of South Africa’s drinking water quality, South African company San Aqua has developed a chemical solutions to sanitise the water.

Water Management in Brazil

Green coalitions are working to tackle water insecurity

Different green groups are raising the awareness among public authorities on the need to invest in green infrastructure, to restore the degraded forests around the water sources.

Isla Urbana

The social enterprise have launched a tool which captures rains from rooftops and separates the clean water from dirty water. – Solutions&Co

World without water: six solutions to a shortage

An article of the FT about the role of new technologies in easing chronic problems

Planta Desalinizadora de la Isla de Pascua

A foundation is aiming to reduce dependency on rainwater for the local farmers of Easter Island, by developing a system to generate water for irrigation from seawater.


This cleantech company offers on-site treatment of water without using chemicals, allowing industrial clients to reduce their freshwater consumption.

Bio-Sea by Bio-UV

The French company has developed an innovative non-chemical system for treating Ballast Water from boats.

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