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The third edition of Solutions&Co has just been launched ! 

On October 27th, 20 leading economic media will publish on the same day the 50 best solutions !

Welcome to the new era of #CircularEconomy!
oct 24, 2017

On October 27th, 20 economic media will simultaneously publish 50 business solutions that accelerate our transition towards a circular economy in favor of the climate.  

Why Circular Economy?
oct 26, 2017

20 reasons to switch to the circular economy

Test your knowledge on circular economy
oct 19, 2017

Take the test and find out if you’re a seasoned navigator of this new economy!

Convergences event registration
juil 26, 2017

To change the world, let’s start by changing the way we talk about it Roundtable discussions, pitches and playful workshops are on program at the first night of the Forum’s event, co-organized with Sparknews. Like every year, this high time will be dedicated to ‘solutions journalism’. Many journalists will be attending the event to go […]

FT/IFC Transformational Business Conference and Awards Ceremony
mai 10, 2017

FT/IFC Transformational Business Conference and Awards Ceremony
Catalysing Finance and Disruptive Technologies to Boost Sustainable Solutions