Circular Economy

In Italy, circular economy creates value

In Italy, circular economy creates value

Italy has become one of the most recycling-oriented European economies.


E-waste, a gold mine of opportunities

In France, a small company has made a name for itself within the increasingly competitive electronic waste recycling market.


Recycling polystyrene with essential oils

In Quebec a company has developed a recycling process for polystyrene that reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


The End of Waste

TerraCycle finds value in the lowliest of trash, from cigarette butts to chewing gum.

Lean Energy Solutions Group

Clean Solutions

Lean Energy Solutions Group, an African company, is recycling waste from harvested sugar cane and coffee to create fuel.

Circular Economy in Africa

Carpe Deum…but Caveat Emptor!

The circular economy holds great promise for Africa, where rising production and consumption are prompting concerns for the environment.

Post-conflict circular economy in Angola

Angola’s Scrappy Micro-Entrepreneurs

Collecting war detritus and other scrap metal provides at least some income for hundreds of families.


Making Coat Hangers from Diapers

A young company in Brazil transforms complicated waste into objects of value.


A New Spin on Demolition

Rotor Deconstruction is a scrappy Belgian startup challenging the construction waste status quo by upcycling wate from the construction sector.


Reducing deforestation through the promotion of sustainable forest management practices

In Cameroon, Yoko municipality is launching a project for the protection of its forest, estimated at 135,000 hectares in size.

African Climate Reality Project

Raising public awareness on the issue of climate change

The African Climate Reality Project is scrambling to educate leaders and the general populace about what they can do.

Native by The Balbo Group

Pioneering large-scale regenerative and fair sugarcane production

A third-generation Brazilian farmer has adopted new methods and machines to make sugar-cane farming eco-friendly.