Circular Economy


Making compost out of sludge and sugar refinery waste


Aquafil puts a dent in global waste by recycling nylon from carpets, clothing and fishing nets


A Dutch startup makes a worker-friendly, easily reparable, ethically-sourced smartphone that can hold its own in a competitive field


Gravalock creates a system of permeable floors to replace concrete.


LanzaTech’s revolutionary technology uses bacteria to turn industrial waste gases into biofuels and chemicals


Founded in 2014, French start-up Phénix is working to connect large supermarkets and smaller associations to give unsold products, especially food, a second chance


When it comes to B-Corps (benefit corporations) in Chile, it is impossible not to think of TriCiclos, one of the first companies of its kind in Latin America, and the first to be certified as a “B Corporation” in the country (2012).

Pili Biotech

This French biotech start-up company produces renewable inks, fabricated through bioproduction


Based in Montreal, this company has developed technology which enables a reduction of the GGE of municipal waste-collection trucks – solutions&co

Carsten Rasmussen of Naestved: a mayor committed to waste recovery and transformation

The Mayor of Naestved (Denmark) is commited to helping SMEs produce more with less. – solutions&co

Ressource City (Naestved)

A city in Denmark is taking up an unexpected challenge: turning waste into a business opportunity. – solutions&co

Usine de Kervellerin

Harnessing the potential of natural raw materials, such as oyster shells, this factory manufactures a range of agricultural, industrial and cosmetic products