Sustainable Urbanism & Mobility


A viable, sustainable alternative to heavily polluting cement lowers greenhouse gas emissions during the production process


A Moroccan start-up, Eco-Dome, is working to create inventive and innovative housing opportunities thanks to traditional materials.


A Lyonnais startup uses 3D modeling and big data to prepare cities for a more livable, sustainable future

Best Practices in Green Building

Green building boom in South Africa


The Neobuild Innovation Centre is a living laboratory for research into energy efficiency

Santiago’s subway to run on solar and wind power

The construction of a solar power plant and a wind farm began earlier this year with the objective of powering the underground rail network of the Chilean capital for the next 15 years.

Technopôle Angus

Red brick facades, metal pillars, huge windows and high ceilings… the only traces of the past at this former Canada Pacific Railway working neighbourhood in Rosemont, Montréal are the bare bones.

Wattway de Colas

Innovations in construction very rarely spark the interest of the French population, with one recent exception. Conceived in France, and emerging as the first of its kind worldwide, the solar road is already making waves throughout the energy sector.


A Nigerian entrepreneur has found a low-tech way to encourage citizens to recycle their trash, clean up their city and make money, too

Yingchuang Winsun

3D-Printed Garden Villas Unveiled in Suzhou as China Promotes Low-Carbon Construction

Zhuzhou Locomotive

CRRC ZhuZhou Locomotive Company introduced two new low-carbon means of public transport this year

Sustainable architecture in Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda, is proving to be a testing ground for whether sustainable architecture can help to offset the environmental impacts of breakneck urban development.