Food waste in Hong Kong

Hong Kong takes steps to cut food and glass waste

Hong Kong’s government has organized different campaigns in order to tackle the issue of waste and raise the awareness of the general population.

SME’s and citizens acting for climate

350 companies have joined Spain in taking action to curb global warming.

Towards a More Sustainable Tourism

Tourism in Spain is becoming more sustainable, the sector is joining in the fight to waste less water and to take better care of the environment.

The Climate Innovation Center in Ghana

This network brings some of the best technology from around the world and makes it relevant and available to the local context in Ghana. – solutions&co

AllGreenup App

This Chilean app helps users measure their environmental impact and gives them incentives for looking after the planet

Sfera Ekologii

This project offers sorted waste collection from offices, and is working towards changing mentalities regarding waste management in Russia. – Solutions&Co


This programme is inspiring households and businesses to reduce their GHG emissions by improving energy efficiency, via a points system

The Farming Kindergarten by Vo Trong Nghia

Built for the children of shoe factory workers in Vietnam, this pre-school uses about 25% less energy than a standard Vietnamese kindergarten would

The B Team

A group of global business leaders working together to catalyse a better way of doing business for the wellbeing of people and the planet.


A French cloud software start-up offers its industrial clients big data analytics solutions for reducing their massive energy consumption by up to 15%

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