Sustainable agriculture

Nigeria’s Small Farmers Embrace Hydroponics

Nigeria’s Small Farmers are Embracing Hydroponics

In Nigeria, small scale farmers are widely affected by climate change’s effects, but those turning to hydroponics are starting to thrive.

Elephant Vert

Elephant Vert, the first industrial hub for organic inputs in Africa produces agricultural products in a sustainable way.

Save Our Agriculture

Aquaponics to the rescue of Cameroonian agriculture

Save Our Agriculture, an innovative company was awarded the Pierre Castel Prize thanks to a technique that enables urban dwellers to grow vegetables and raise fish.


Solar pumps offer climate neutral fix to water scarcity

FuturePump has developed solar powered irrigation pumps to free farmers from a dependence on seasonal rains.


Taking the (greenhouse) gas out of cows

A Swiss company has developed a feed additive for cattle that reduces greenhouse gas emissions while improving milk yields.

Morocco’s irrigation revolution

Morocco’s irrigation revolution against global warming

The Souss-Massa region in southern Morocco is conducting an innovative irrigation experiment to tackle water scarcity.

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