ASB Biodiesel Ltd.

ASB Biodiesel eyes opportunities in Pearl River Delta region


Walk-in solar fridges combat Nigerian food shortages

Efficient Energy

A new type of cooling unit uses water instead of environmentally damaging coolants.


Sun, sea and wind: beautiful to experience, but also useful for generating emission-free energy, if used intelligently.


LanzaTech’s revolutionary technology uses bacteria to turn industrial waste gases into biofuels and chemicals

Santiago’s subway to run on solar and wind power

The construction of a solar power plant and a wind farm began earlier this year with the objective of powering the underground rail network of the Chilean capital for the next 15 years.


TransActive Grid harnesses blockchain technology to make peer-to- peer energy exchange possible

Wattway de Colas

Innovations in construction very rarely spark the interest of the French population, with one recent exception. Conceived in France, and emerging as the first of its kind worldwide, the solar road is already making waves throughout the energy sector.


In Medellín, Colombia, an entrepreneur has created a system that enables exercise bikes to generate electric power.

Micro-grids to power grassroots

An entrepreneur sets up a solar power station. This model has been adapted in several villages from 50 to 100 inhabitants. – Solutions&Co

Aluminium Norf (Alunorf)

The world’s biggest aluminium smelting plant and rolling mill is using innovative technology and processes to reduce its energy consumption – Solutions&co

Portrait of Dr Klaus Meier

Former anti-nuclear protester, this entrepreneur embodies the energy transition, having launched successful large-scale wind farms. – Solutions&Co