The small wind turbine with big ambitions

Luxembourg company Swirl has developed a smart mini turbine that combines wind energy, solar power and cloud technology.

Pay-As-You-Go solar systems electrify Africa

African solar energy companies are turning to pay-as-you-go systems to supply electricity to off-grid communities, enabling affordable access to energy.


A better way to turn organic waste into energy

Wisesoil, a Russian startup has found a solution to make bioenergy production more efficient and profitable.

Terrao Exchanger

Heating buildings with factory fumes

Terrao Exchanger has developed a new kind of heat exchanger that recycles energy while cleaning pollution from the air.

LTP Energias

LTP Energias takes solar energy to those outside the grid

The energy company has managed to consolidate its position by undertaking the largest solar energy production project in the country.

Pioneer Energy

Thermal Energy Storage Is the Future of Energy Waste Reduction

Pioneer Energy has developed a thermal energy storage technology that can be used to heat all types of infrastructures.

Green Energy Biofuels

In Africa, a green stove addresses health, the environment and employment

Green Energy Biofuels has developed an innovative cook stove and bioethanol gel to use as fuel.

Plugging Spain into Electric Cars

Fostering electric mobility in Spain

Sustainable transport is one of the key elements of the European Union’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Angola’s green ambitions

Angola: Fifteen Percent Beyond the Paris Agreement

Making the transition to low carbon development is not an easy task for most countries. Angola has set ambitious targets and is on the way to achieving them.


Solar pumps offer climate neutral fix to water scarcity

FuturePump has developed solar powered irrigation pumps to free farmers from a dependence on seasonal rains.

An accelerating trend towards renewable energy

An accelerating trend towards renewable energy

Consumers, cities, companies and public services are working together to decarbonize the Spanish economy.

ASB Biodiesel Ltd.

ASB Biodiesel expands its field of action

The largest used oil refiner in Hong Kong converts used cooking oil or waste oil into biodiesel that can be blended with regular diesel and used in conventional engines.