Founding partner of Solutions&Co


Alexis Thélémaque, Vice President, Corporate Image & Brand

Our discussions last year with Solutions&Co’s media partners were so innovative, with such a frank, constructive willingness to listen, that it convinced us to continue the partnership with Sparknews. We’re adding it to the list of projects that tangibly illustrate the commitments of Total, a global oil and gas leader whose ambition is to be the responsible energy major*.

Our corporate signature “Committed to Better Energy” is about meeting the challenges of providing safe, affordable energy solutions to as many people as possible, while minimizing energy use and related emissions.

The climate issue is at the heart of our strategic vision as a company. We are acting on the International Energy Agency’s 2°C scenario by moving toward a lower-carbon energy mix, making all energy use more efficient and speeding up the development of renewables.

In 2015, at the time of COP21, we set out together on a quest to find the “50 Best Ideas for Climate.” This year Solutions&Co is parlaying Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s turn as Chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group into an opportunity to spotlight the goal of creating sustainable cities. With the world’s population becoming increasingly urban, it is, in fact, crucial to help communities curtail their energy use and lessen their environmental impact.

And that’s where Solutions&Co makes perfect sense for us. It’s a real engine that showcases the innovative, positive solutions already implemented in the world, by giving them the media coverage they need to attract the interest of key businesses that can develop them. It’s a practical way to help create a more sustainable world.

* See our commitments at

  • Integrating climate into our strategy.
  • Protecting our local environment.
  • Helping promote shared development.

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